The Difference

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You know it when you see it - so they say. But creating that difference takes a whole new level of commitment.

North Star Fabrication and Machine is different. Not just a fabrication shop working from drawings, we are a partner in producing market-ready products. Seldom a day goes by where we don’t inquire about the best way to complete an engineered expectation, or catch an omission in a parts list, or recommend a cheaper or more efficient method of construction. Culturally, we are just conditioned to think beyond the page.

We may bend steel, weld components, wire control systems, plumb hydraulics or design power systems - but at the core, we are problem solvers. We think in three dimensions, measure our materials in tons. We understand maximizing profits and meeting deadlines. We are partners in your success.



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Our Facilities

Our production facilities are uniquely located out of the congestion of metro life but close to all major services. Located just off the I-5 corridor, North Star Fabrication and Machine is positioned to conveniently receive any materials and easily ship to all points in the United States. From I-5 in Oregon, head east from exit 136 into downtown, we are just north of the intersection of West Central and Old Highway 99 in Sutherlin. We offer FOB services with pull through loading in our west yard. For shipping questions please contact us for detailed onsite instructions.

The shop consists of three major bays and onsite office space. With over 20,000 square feet of working floorspace, all accessible by overhead cranes, we can handle bigger projects than most. In our largest 50 by 100 foot bay we regularly manage projects of 30,000 lbs. Additionally, we boast a full processing capability and resident manual machine shop.

Our Capabilities

There seems to be little we can’t handle. Our processing department is fully stocked with:

  • 20 foot 400 ton press brake
  • 12 foot by ½ inch shear
  • Manual machine shop
  • 80 ton straightening break
  • Lathe
  • Various mills
  • Drill presses
  • Multiple 100 ton ironworkers

And we can process an array of materials including mild steel, stainless, aluminum, titanium, cast iron and various non-ferrous metals. Our staff is proficient or expert in wire, TIG, MIG, stick and manual welding techniques in any orientation as well as pipe.

We have bridge cranes in all of our work areas with a maximum management weight of 30,000 pounds.


About Us

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North Star Fabrication and Machine grew out of the prosperity of the Douglas County lumber boom in the early 1980’s when Jim Denny partnered to work with Norm Stone. From those early years producing for various customers, operations grew and relocated several times before landing on Calapooia Street in Sutherlin, Oregon. Standard projects included asphalt production components, control van systems for on-site operations management, various logging equipment, and large format wastewater treatment components.

In the mid 1990’s North Star Fabrication and Machine was officially born. Enjoying fantastic growth in material handling machinery design and production, North Star made a footprint in the material specialized production equipment of several industries until economic changes hit the country.

From those humble beginnings and through tougher times, North Star has been focused on one core value - precision. Precision in production, manufacturing and customer service.


At North Star, we take being precise very seriously. And, precision manifests in ways that most people might not consider. Obviously, precision in the manufactured product is paramount - we can hold tolerances! But consider precision in relationships - anticipating best outcomes, treating our customers like family, creating partnerships from strength to advance mutual success.

Precision is our philosophy, beyond just our practice.


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