Our Team

Jack Trowbridge

Owner - President

When it comes to “Can Do”, no one beats Mr. Trowbridge. He has a singular vision of what can be achieved with dedication, hard work, and always putting the customer first. Jack is responsible for the unique culture of North Star Fabrication and Machine. Partnering with staff, suppliers, team and customers brings a totally new experience to the industry. When a project needs to be envisioned, you need Jack. His approach to maximizing the possibilities has put North Star Fabrication and Machine head and shoulders above the competition.

Jim Denny

Owner - Vice President

With over 30 years experience in metal fabrication, Mr. Denny is our Master Fabricator. We are hard pressed to find something in fabrication that he hasn’t mastered in precision production. Well versed in mild steel, stainless, titanium, cast iron, brass, bronze, etc., Jim has welded it all. He has a deep background in machining and industrial construction including hydraulics, and electrical systems. When he isn’t directly supervising large format projects, Mr. Denny is sharing his vast knowledge with our capable production staff. If you have a question about what is possible, he’s your resource.

Seth Vincent

Operations / Project Manager

Projects large and small benefit from the supervision of our Production Manager. For nearly 20 years, he has been a staple of the North Star family and adds an out-of-the-box element to our management team. With a talent for quickly understanding the vision, Mr. Vincent has knack for solving complicated problems from rough sketch to fulfillment and maximizing our production staff. If it can be done - Seth can get it done.

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